At Massage in Offices, corporate wellness is what we excel at. We offer Onsite Chair Massage, Nutrition Seminars & Workshops, Mindfulness Courses, Mindful Movement as Qigong Classes and Reflexology sessions.

We pride ourselves on working only with highly skilled therapists, to offer your employees superior wellness services. All of our practitioners are carefully-selected, fully insured and have a wealth of experience in providing wellness treatments.

Operating in London and the Greater London area, all our services are fully mobile. Our masseuses carry a comfortable, ergonomic chair to undertake the onsite chair massage treatments in your offices.

Corporate onsite chair massage is convenient and easy, as the massage is given through clothes. There are no messy oils or lotions.

Our massage therapists are committed to providing excellent massages, which are relaxing and uplifting. Your employees will leave the room feeling happier, leading to a more positive and productive working day.

Our corporate nutrition seminars are an ideal way to educate staff on how to boost their concentration and performance at work by eating the right foods to support them.  Learning how to eat to balance their blood sugar, reduce stress and avoid belly bloating after lunch, are invaluable nuggets which every employee should be aware of.

Evidence shows that employees sitting for over 7 hours a day at a desk, is harmful to good health. Mindful movement in the form of qigong combats this. Its smooth, flowing movements provide gentle stretching of muscles and tendons, which improves circulation, reduces stress and increases еnеrgу.