Corporate Nutrition Seminars and Workshops

Corporate Nutrition Workshops

Employees happen to be the most valuable assets to any company and this is the reason why the corporate wellbeing matters a lot to the company. Corporate nutrition workshops are deliberate programs aimed at improving the employees’ health status, leading to a productive and healthy workplace. Corporate nutrition workshops benefit the employers, because, educating the employees on good diet plans and habits will hopefully lower a company’s expenses in the form of better performing employees, more productive workforce, low rate of absenteeism and improve staff morale.

According to a recent study led by the Economist Intelligence Unit, more than 85% of the executives have affirmed that improving their employee’s health is the top reason for implementing nutrition seminars. Nonetheless employee’s health has deep impacts on productivity, morale, workplace engagement and so on.

As an employee, I know there might be a question running in your mind, which is; why should I spend for a corporate wellness workshop? Well, it is good to know that, every individual has different kind of risks such as, lack of sleep, exercise, unhealthy eating, drinking, smoking etc. Using the services of the workshop can bring in positive changes. You’d not only be able to complete your work, but you will be fresh and have more energy and time to give your family and friends when you get home.

Benefits of Corporate Nutrition Seminars and workshops to Employees

1. Getting Healthier

Corporate Nutrition Workshops can help to get you healthier, even if that means learning how to reduce the rate of sugary substance intake like doughnut, cakes, chocolates etc., while working. Corporate nutrition workshops help in improving the health status of employees, leading to happier & more productive teams.
In a nutshell, nutritional well-being enhances the life of an employee and also fosters a feeling of gratitude as well as strengthening the whole employees too.

2. Stress Management

Recent studies have shown that stress is one of the primary causes of some prevalent health problems like diabetic, cardiac, and obesity issues afflicting the people. With the right choices of nutrition & food, you can reduce the impact of stress on your body and effectively repair damage that has been done prior to this.
Because of that, most Corporate Nutrition Workshops in London is squarely aimed to help employees in restoring the importance, practices & choices of right nutrition in significantly improving the quality of their office and personal lives.

3. Weight Management

Pastries, sweets and doughnuts all over the office help you in adding more weight. There are plenty of small yet powerful ways to avoid common dieting difficulties that can be achievable through proper nutritional workshops; in turn, results to lasting weight loss success, and develop a healthier relationship with food. The equation is, if you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight.

4. Banishing Belly Bloat

one of the troubles encountered by corporate nutrition workshops experts around London is the problem of belly bloat that engulfs many employees’ working days. Nutrition workshop tips help you to understand how the digestive system works, and how to naturally improve it.

5. Prevent Colds & Flu Naturally

Does cold and flu season hit your office hard? Through nutrition seminars, you can learn a number of key nutritional and supplement tips that can help you in preventing colds and flu and also what you can do to prevent them, or stop it at its first tracks. Great tip for beginning of cold and flu season!
….and many more benefits
Undoubtedly, employees are the most treasured assets to any company and by investing into corporate nutrition seminars/workshops; the company is enhancing the wellbeing and job satisfaction as well as raising the rates of their retention. That’s why the answers to most of our health issues are at the end of the fork.

Nutrition Seminar Topics Available

One hour nutrition seminars can be booked on the following topics:

  • Good Gut Health – How to beat the belly bloat, IBS, heartburn
  • Food Allergies vs Food Intolerances
  • Healthy Heart – How to avoid high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Stress Management – Eating to combat stress and tension
  • Thyroid Disorders 
  • Autoimmune Disease 
  • Weight Loss / Obesity 
  • Diabetes / Blood Sugar
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Acne & Skin Conditions